We specialize in creative services to help you meet your marketing communication goals.


Tag Communication Services has been delivering since 1997!

We specialize in creative services to help you meet your marketing communication goals. From writing and editing to video production and business analytics, we are a one-stop source to get the creativity you need to be successful.

Short-term assignments. Long-term projects. Ongoing services to scale your creative team. Whatever works for you. Tag has over 50 full-time employees and a network of more than 75 freelancers ready to deliver.

With Tag, you can communicate your marketing message while you keep your employees focused on what makes your company run. Our goal is to give you results without the overhead – to deliver customized, cost-effective services with maximum flexibility for your organization.


Tag is currently delivering ongoing creative services to the following Fortune 100 companies and their marketing teams:



Project / Program Management

Project managers will work closely with you to create the best deliverable or set of deliverables to help you achieve your goals, keeping the customer journey in mind. They will work with you to define the project, the right team, scheduling, and the budget so that your project is a success.

New asset creation

Innovative content and design experts will collaborate to create fresh assets that add dimension to your overall portfolio and contribute to improving your brand.


Our writers and designers use data and images to capture attention and drive action, presenting your data in the context of relevant challenges, solutions, and benefits to tell a story crafted for your audience.

Social copy and shareables

From one tweet to a series of social images and posts across multiple channels, our social media specialist work from a portfolio of modular assets that can be combined to build the exact bundle you need to build engagement.

Ghost writing

Specialized writers capture your tone and message to develop blogs, social media, or other content in your name – allowing you to establish your voice as a thought leader in your industry.

Demand generation / campaigns

A team of writers, editors, and designers work with you to plan and build a coordinated set of marketing activities and assets designed to promote a specific product or event, or to drive a specific action from the target audience.

Video production

Cutting-edge producers and storytellers will work to make your story a visual journey that fits your needs, budget, and target audience – providing dynamic scripts, compelling images, and numerous voice-over options.


In close collaboration with your subject-matter experts, we craft, hone, and deliver your message through a variety of assets – from flyers and postcards to in-depth white papers.

Web content

Our seasoned writers work with content and SEO experts to create engaging, informative, and actionable information from concept to completion – driving traffic and delivering an exceptional user experience.

Event content

A team of writing and editing specialists can support your event from audience acquisition and core conference content, through post-event feedback. Our event experts can help you produce an experience that grows your brand, reinforces your reputation, and both informs and dazzles your audience.


Keen-eyed quality assurance specialists ensure your content is clear of typos, provides a consistent and intuitive-to-follow story, and fits into a template if required – all enabling you to offer your best, clearest, most-professional messaging.

Tag in Germany

Founded in 2005, Tag GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tag Communication Services. With offices in Frankfurt, we can expand our reach to deliver services throughout Europe. Currently we have 16 full-time employees in Tag GmbH.

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Career Opportunities

In our line of business, you quickly realize that finding good people makes all the difference. And keeping the good people is even more important.

That’s why Tag puts a lot of effort in developing our employees and maintaining our relationships with our freelancers.

You are after all what makes Tag successful.

Full-time Tag employees get medical benefits for them and their dependents. We provide paid vacation and holidays, 401k, life and disability insurance, and annual bonuses. And most importantly, we provide an incredibly flexible work environment that respects your life-work balance.


We’re currently looking for the following talents:

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